The Brenta 80 SRD: You’re in control

Michael Schmidt set up the yard that bears his name to create yachts which combine sophistication with simplicity, speed with user-comfort. The essence of this mission is a return to the core of sailing relaxation with powerful lightweight boats that are easy to control. The new Brenta 80 SRD is the latest example of how a timeless exterior design with a fast performance hull is setting a new trend in its size range.

There has long been a gap in the market for sailing yachts between 70 and 100 ft. Sailors who require the space, range and speed of a boat larger than 65 ft typically have to sacrifice the freedom and fun of being in control themselves as it is virtually impossible to sail the vessel single-handedly or as a couple. The heavy sail loads and complexity of the systems and equipment mean owners have to share the extra volume of a bigger boat with paid crew. Or sail with a larger party of adults.  Or not buy a larger boat at all… 

A pleasure to sail

This is the niche that Michael Schmidt Yachtbau (MSY) is filling with the new Brenta 80 SRD, uniquely built to be as easy to operate as a yacht 25-feet smaller. The client for the first in this semi-custom series, a keen sailor looking to sail with his wife and three children, has worked closely with MSY to make sure that his boat will be a pleasure to sail and maintain. 


„We have designed the Brenta 80 SRD with Lorenzo Argento as a semi-custom series for people who love sailing and wish to stay at the helm themselves,” explains Tijl Hetterschijt, Head of Sales and Marketing at MSY. “This is much easier said than done. As boats increase in size they tend to become ever more complicated. Our goal has been to examine every detail to make the boat simple and understandable for owners so they stay in control and do not need a lot of people to help.“

“All too many boats are equipped with technology that makes them an engineer’s delight but way too overspecced. An MSY yacht retains all the facilities today’s owners expect – there is no minimalism here in terms of comfort – but in doing so we ensure that everything placed on board has a reason, trimming any excess weight and keeping systems simple so that nothing breaks down.” 

Smart thinking

Examples of how this approach pans out in practice include clean cable routing, a straightforward installation based on traditional values, minimal computer switching, easy access to switchboards and pumps, and manual switching of the central manifolds. All this has been achieved while listening carefully to the owner’s specific wishes for his boat. The comforts of the family home have been incorporated within a lightweight carbon construction. The owner will have complete control of all sails and be able to handle the boat from the aft deck, where the family can relax in the secured cockpit.

“All lines are led under deck to this location and every aspect of the yacht’s systems has been made understandable to enhance the owner’s ability to sail single-handed,” continues Hetterschijt. “Double steering  and a well-balanced rudder will provide a very responsive helm, meeting his stated desire to ‘feel the boat while sailing like racing a dinghy’. In a similar vein, the interior blends a light modern style with a connection to traditional handmade joinery. While there are lots of handcrafted details, these are created in a new form with foam core to keep them light. A large Lithium battery capacity ensures peace and quiet for those living on board while still having all their power requirements met.”


Multiple choice

While this first Brenta 80 SRD features a light oak interior, future clients can select from a complete range of wood veneers. An all-glass saloon in the superstructure provide a light & bright relaxation area with maximum visibility to the outside world. The below deck areas will feel equally open and inviting, while a reduction in the window surface area keeps air-conditioning consumption to a minimum.

Offering a superior balance of sailing power and luxury comfort within a contemporary design, this yacht is set to change people’s perception of the 70 to 100 ft range when launched this summer.

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